Changing the Concept of Promotion

Promo-Light Tape

Promo-Light Tape is the thinnest, longest, brightest and most flexible electroluminescent lamp in the world. Imagine a light bulb in any color that you can bend around any surface, run continuously for hundreds of feet, costs a fraction of what traditional bulbs or other lighting systems cost to operate, it can be used in flashing or steady state modes in indoor or outdoor applications. The design is safe with no mercury, no glass to break or gas to escape and it’s highly energy efficient too. In application, it is easy to install, requiring virtually no maintenance compared to alternative light technologies and the best part is that it gives the most beautiful light you have ever seen.

Key Feature

  • Promo-Light® strip is unique for interior & exterior.
  • Put Promo-Light® strip just about anywhere in your next design you can wrap around your finger.
  • It’s thinner than a credit card.
  • Can be seen easily in high artificial, dim light & even in foggy condition.
  • Consume 93% less energy compared to other traditional lighting.
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