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The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police in Abu Dhabi Emirate operates with other agencies to achieve a safer society. It seeks to preserve the stability, the reduction of crime and the removal of a sense of fear, as well as contributing to the achievement of justice among the general public.
The vision of the Directorate is to become the police force that is more effective in the field responding to the needs of society with the highest level of integrity and training. The values of the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police are integrity, honesty and respect for human rights. Provide the service fairly and dealing with people reasonably, tact and kindness, as well as promoting teamwork and recognizing the contribution of individuals and the group in the achievement and reward their owners.

Project Theme

At the 42nd National Day event & celebration of the year 2013 by the Grace of Almighty ALLAH not only the nation but also the Government of UAE conceived our innovative idea as this great project is the prove that the Abu Dhabi Police Department wished to utilize our innovative concept light product to light up the H.H Sheikh Zayed & H.H Sheikh Khalifa portrait on buildings of all the police stations of Abu Dhabi-UAE.

Project Application

As being a sole manufacturer of this technology we produced the backlit portraits of H.H Sheikh Zayed & H.H Sheikh Khalifa for our client “Smart Solutions” to execute this project on all the police stations of Abu Dhabi.

Project Showcase

Project Video