Changing the Concept of Promotion


LAVAS is a place for all kind of silver articles like pure silver, antique silver, gold plated silver and enamel designed silver. Their products ranges from dinner sets, pooja sets, show pieces etc. Lavas precious sliver is a collection of different sliver items from all kind of pooja items to dinner sets, home decor etc. A very special collection of silver with electro gold plated which will give a look of gold with colored stones.

Project Theme

To propose the new concept of Outdoor or OOH (out of home) advertising in UAE in order to save alternative energy by using the solar panel light source system with animation like moving ads to get the maximum attention of public through Promo-Light animated display in the Mupi at different stops/stands of the Metro Station in Dubai.

Project Application

We provided the animated panels of Promo-Light moving electronic display for the Mupi at metro station stop/stand with the solar panels system.

Project Showcase

Project Video