Changing the Concept of Promotion

National Day Products

National Day is celebrated from 2 December each year in United Arab Emirates for two days or more (usually the 2nd and 3rd). It marks the UAE’s formal nationalization from the British Protectorate Treaties which ended on December 1, 1971 and the eventual, federal unification of the seven emirates in 1971 which combined to form the modern-day country, headed by H.H Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the federation’s first president.

Project Theme

At the 42nd National Day event & celebration of the year 2013 we decided to propose the innovative idea to the whole nation of the UAE for illuminating the country with animated or illuminated flags, Official country logos, Portraits of all the H.H Sheikhs in the UAE and the idea which was conceived with the celebration specially by lighted vehicle wrapping & decoration. Our campaigns “Let’s celebrate the whole UAE with Innovation, Traditional celebration with innovative concepts, Let’s illuminate the flag of UAE” have been spot lighted by the Grace of Almighty ALLAH and not only the nation but also the Government of UAE conceived the idea as the great project is the prove that the Abu Dhabi Police Department wished to utilize our innovative concept light product to light up the H.H Sheikh Zayed & H.H Sheikh Khlaifa portrait on buildings of all the police stations of Abu Dhabi-UAE

Project Application

We manufactured different types of national day products containing UAE flags, H.H. Sheikhs’ portraits, UAE Falcon logo, Spirit of Union official logo, Fazza logo etc which were used for indoor and outdoor application like on floor, glass, walls of different offices and buildings and especially on different vehicles for lighted vehicle wrapping to show the patriotism for the public.

Project Showcase

Project Video